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Tuesday 12:52 CST, April 24, 2018

American Proficiency Institute

Joint Commission

The American Proficiency Institute (API) is one of the largest proficiency testing providers in the world serving over 18,000 clinical laboratories. API offers innovative solutions and technical excellence for the proficiency testing needs of hospital laboratories, physician offices, clinics and point-of-care testing sites.

API changed the face of proficiency testing by being the first to provide liquid chemistry samples, complete blood count with automated differential, and blood cell photographs. It continued to bring innovative processes to the field with large peer group assessments, management reports, and paperless proficiency testing. Today, API is recognized for its advanced proficiency testing operations, complimentary continuing education program and credits, and commitment to superior, friendly customer service.

To learn more about API, please visit or contact the API professional staff at 1-800-333-0958.